Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Gameplay

Ace Attorney Investigations is split into two modes. One is a new investigation mode, and the other replaces the court mode in this game.

Investigation Phase

File:AAIME talking.png
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In investigation phase, you can navigate around the surroundings. You can consult your partner if you currently have one, though it is usually not necessary to advance through the game. You can also talk to people and examine objects that are of interest. Examining certain objects will let you enter a close-up scene where you can examine the scene closer. Edgeworth will hint about whether you have already found all the clues you need in a close-up scene. If he says he feels like he has all he needs from the scene, that means further investigation of the scene will be pointless.

There is no "move" feature in this game as you can go to different locations by walking to its entrance, which is indicated by a green arrow when you approach it.

Mainly Deductions


there will be a contradiction in a close-up scene or even a piece of evidence. You will be required to pinpoint the location of the contradiction on the scene. You must then deduce that spot and represent the evidence that proves the contradiction.

Confrontation Mode


This mode happens between investigation modes. You will face your opponent in a battle of wits. It is similar to cross-examination in the old games. You can press for more information and present evidence when something in the testimony contradicts it. You will often need to press certain statements in order to get new statements that have a contradiction.



The organizer holds all of your evidence and profiles on important characters, so it's a good idea to have a look through it from time to time. You can examine certain pieces of evidence, either to read a document, view a photo or physically examine the object. Some objects can be examined in a three-dimensional view, the angle of which can be tweaked using the touchscreen or the button controls.


File:AAIME Combination Logic.png

The new feature in this game is Logic. As you investigate you will come across logic segments. You're required to join these segments to form a new segment or an entirely new piece of evidence.

Health Bar


There is a health bar like the previous games. If you present wrong evidence or connect logic segments unsuccessfully, your health bar will sustain damage. If your health bar is emptied, it is an instant game over. The health bar will be replenished halfway at the final investigation or confrontation of the chapter.



Saving can be done either by pressing start at any point during the game or at the end of a chapter. Saving halfway in a chapter will immediately make you exit the game, which you can continue anytime. Saving at the end of a chapter will instead advance you to the next chapter, unless it's the final chapter of a case, where it will just return you to the case-select screen. Saves act as checkpoints that you can return to after a game over, so if you're in a difficult portion of the game, make sure to save often.

Turnabout Bad Endings


If you played Ace Attorney Turnabout Episodes that has more than one ending, then perhaps you should suspend your disbelief because in all five episodes of this game, there's about seven bad endings each depending on when and where you're health bar empties out. Save and experiment where you've gone wrong unless you want to see the bad endings. But everyone wants a good ending so be careful and save often.