Abnormal Sexual Psychology

Abnormal Sexual Psychology

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Abnormal Sexual Psychology (or ASP) is a college-level text that is intended to cover the specialized study of DSM-IV recognized paraphilia. This book is written for both a person who is familiar with psychology and who has some knowledge of the clinical disorders in question. if you are unfamiliar with paraphilia, the book serves as a primer and explanation.

Specifically, the book covers:

  • What paraphilias are
  • What paraphilias are recognized as aberrant or abnormal by DSM-IV
  • The effects these paraphilias have on mental health
  • Related mental disorders and resultant psychological effects
  • Diagnosing paraphiliac behaviors and discrimination of true paraphilia and fetishism.

This book may contain graphic descriptions of acts that some readers will find morally objectionable. A further discussion can be found on the Warning page.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the DSM-IV?


  1. What is paraphilia?
  2. Types of paraphilia
  3. Paraphilia and Fetishism
  4. Paraphilia and Health
  5. Paraphilia and society

DSM-IV Definitions

  1. Sadism
  2. Masochism
  3. Voyeurism
  4. Exhibitionism
  5. Transgenderism
  6. Frotteurism
  7. Pedophilia
  8. Fetishism
  9. Other Definitions

Paraphilia and Mental Health

  1. Overview of Mental Health Issues
  2. Behavioral Imprinting and conditioning
  3. Self-Image and Paraphilia
  4. Relationships and Paraphilia

Related Mental Disorders and Psychological Effects

  1. Conditioning
  2. Normal, Optional, and Exclusive Paraphilia
  3. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders and Paraphilia
  4. Algolagnia
  5. Algolagnia and Sadism: Case Study in Sex Addiction
  6. Paraphilia and Sex Crimes

Diagnosis and Clinical Discrimination Between Paraphilias

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Clinical Discrimination
  3. Comparative Study