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Abnormal Sexual Psychology

Abnormal Sexual Psychology

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Abnormal Sexual Psychology (or ASP) is a college-level text that is intended to cover the specialized study of DSM-IV recognized paraphilia. This book is written for both a person who is familiar with psychology and who has some knowledge of the clinical disorders in question. if you are unfamiliar with paraphilia, the book serves as a primer and explanation.

Specifically, the book covers:

  • What paraphilias are
  • What paraphilias are recognized as aberrant or abnormal by DSM-IV
  • The effects these paraphilias have on mental health
  • Related mental disorders and resultant psychological effects
  • Diagnosing paraphiliac behaviors and discrimination of true paraphilia and fetishism.

This book may contain graphic descriptions of acts that some readers will find morally objectionable. A further discussion can be found on the Warning page.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the DSM-IV?


DSM-IV Definitions

Paraphilia and Mental Health

Related Mental Disorders and Psychological Effects

Diagnosis and Clinical Discrimination Between Paraphilias