A Guide to the GRE/Cell Charts

Cell ChartsEdit


Cell charts indicate corresponding data of particular categories. To obtain totals or combinations, add the appropriate cells.

Often the cells will not give the total amount and the test taker will be asked to determine this. Pay attention to what data the cell is giving with regard to what data category.


Car Washes and Laundromats in Five CitiesEdit

Population Car Washes Laundromats
Arlington 365,000 50 41
Dallas 1,198,000 84 90
Fort Worth 741,000 35 44
Irving 216,000 29 38
Plano 260,000 40 41

1. Which cities have the greatest and least number of car washes per capita?

2. Dallas makes up what percentage of the car washes and laundromats amongst the five cities?


Answers to Practice QuestionsEdit

1. Per capita is calculated by the number of items divided by the number of people. It can thus be calculated and compared by dividing columns 3 and 4 by column 2 (or a reduced version of it). Plano by far has the highest number of car washes per person, while Dallas has the lowest. Irving has the highest number of laundromats per capita, while Dallas again has the lowest.

2. Dallas has 84 of the 238 car washes, or about 35%, and it has 90 of the 254 car washes, again, about 35%.