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Acids; Agricultural Chemistry; Air; Alchemy; Alkalies; Assaying; Atomic Theory; Atomic Weights; Atoms; Catalysis; Color; Combustion; Condensation; Crystallography; Dissociation; Electrochemistry; Evaporation; Fermentation; Fire; Gases; Geochemistry; Ions; Metallurgy; Microchemistry; Mineralogy; Molecules; Periodic Law; Pharmacy; Photochemistry; Photographic Chemistry; Physics; Physiological Chemistry; Plants - Chemistry and Nutrition; Poisons; Radioactivity; Reagents; Receipts; Salts; Sanitary Chemistry; Solution Chemistry; Spectrum Analysis; Stereochemistry; also headings beginning Chemical, and names of chemical elements and substances

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Chemical Names for Some of the More Common Drugs


Alcohol - Aqua Vitae

Blue Vitriol - Sulphate of Copper

Calomel - Chloride of Mercury

Chalk - Carbonate of Lime

Chloroform - Chloral Hydrate

Corrosive Sublimate - Bi-chloride of Mercury

Epsom Salts - Sulphate of Magnesia

Glauber's Salts - Sulphate of Sodium

Green Vitriol - Ferrous Sulphate

Glucose - Grape Sugar

Lime - Oxide of Calcium

Lunar Caustic - Nitrate of Silver

Oil of Vitriol - Sulphuric Acid

Potash - Oxide of Potassium

Plaster of Paris - Gypsum

Red Lead - Oxide of Lead

Salt - Chloride of Sodium

Saltpeter - Nitrate of Potassium

Soda - Carbonate of Sodium

Sugar of Lead - Acetate of Lead

Verdigris - Sub-acetate of Copper

Vinegar - Acetic Acid

Volatile Alkali - Ammonia

White Vitriol - Sulphate of Zinc

White Zinc - Oxide of Zinc

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