AP Computer Science/Java

It is helpful to learn more about a programming language before you begin coding programs with it. This page will help you learn more about Java.

Programming LanguagesEdit

Java is a programming language, a language of code the computer uses to understand what the programmer wants it to do. There are many different programming languages, many of which are related to each other and have similar features. Java is related to the C and C++ programming languages. These languages have a similar structure and syntax, or word order and style.

Object-Oriented ProgrammingEdit

Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means that nearly everything used in Java code is represented by an object. These objects can include types of numbers such as integers, individual characters, strings of letters, or other types of objects. Many types of objects will be created and designed by the programmer. While Java does provide basic control structures, the strength in the language lies in the manipulation and interaction of these objects within programs.