ACT Study Guide/What To Take On Test Day

On the day of the test, there are some items that you must take and there are some items that are helpful, but not required. The things that are absolutely necessary are listed under the necessary heading and the items that are optional are listed under optional. Items that are expressly prohibited are under the heading of not allowed.

Necessary edit

  • Admission Ticket
  • ID (Name and Photo Must Appear)
    • Current Photo ID
      • Driver's License
      • School ID
      • Non-Driver's License
      • Passport
    • Photograph with First and Last Name
      • Yearbook
      • Newspaper
    • Notarized Statement (The notary cannot be a relative.)
    • Letter
      • Must Be on School Letterhead
      • Must include age, gender, height, race, and hair and eye color or a recent photo with principal's signature or school seal on the photo
      • Copies are okay as long as the school seal is on the copy
      • The letter must be signed by the student and a school official in ink. The student must sign in the presence of the school official.
      • Transcripts work too if they conform to the procedures listed above
    • The following items are listed on as unacceptable ID
      • "ACT admission ticket
      • Learner or beginner driver's permit without an official photo, even though it may include a physical description and signature
      • An expired photo ID (like an expired passport or driver's license).
      • Charge, bank, check-cashing, or credit cards with or without photo
      • Photo ID issued for promotional purposes (e.g., amusement parks)
      • Birth certificate
      • Social Security card
      • Report card or diploma
      • Organization membership card
      • Police report of a stolen purse or wallet
      • Traffic ticket, even though it may include a physical description and signature
      • Your parent's photo ID
      • Recognition by anyone not working as test center personnel
      • Telephone call to counselor or school official to identify you by talking to you on the phone or describing you over the phone
      • Graduation picture or family portrait
      • Fishing or hunting license
      • ChildFind ID Card
      • Web page with photo"
  • Pencils

Optional edit

  • Money for a Vending Machine
  • Earplugs
  • A Sweatshirt (In case the testing center is cold.)
  • An Extra Eraser
  • A Calculator - Only allowed on the math test.

Prohibited calculators: calculators with built-in computer algebra systems, QWERTY layout input, writing pads or pen-input devices, or calculators built into cellular phones or other electronic communication devices. See currently restricted calculators here: [1]

Not Allowed edit

  • Books
  • Dictionaries
  • Thesauri
  • Radios
  • Cell Phones
  • Food
  • Anything With An Alarm