ACE+TAO Opensource Programming Notes/Naming


These days, the pre-compiled RPMs for redhat type servers (Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, etc.) are a pretty handy way to get your name server installed and running as a boot time service. That's certainly what I use on my laptop for testing, and at work on our servers. I don't know if someone has done something similar for the Microsoft platform, but I don't really consider this to be a popular choice for critical service platform due to their regular downtime requirements in an enterprise setting.

The very nice NameServer implementation provided for RedHat, and I assume other server vendors of the UNIX variety, has a config directory in /etc . The values in the config directory are easy to understand and edit, and there are mercifully few options to set. For instance, my opt file in /etc/tao, is the stock config file which came with the distro and is as follows:

# Specify desired endpoint arguments
ENDPOINT="-ORBListenEndpoints iiop://:2809"

# Location of persistance data file, comment out to disable persistance.
PERSISTFILE="-f /var/cache/tao/tao-cosnaming.dat"

# Enable multicast discovery, comment out to disable.

# Enable debug logging, comment out to disable.
#DEBUGLEVEL="-ORBDebugLevel 10"

# Configure log file
LOGFILE="-ORBLogFile /var/log/tao/tao-cosnaming.log"

# Concatenate all options

Note that the endpoint corbaloc string doesn't have an address. This means it listens to all interfaces. If you wish to define a more restrictive listener, place your address after the double slashes, but before the colon. i.e.

-ORBListenEndpoints iiop://localhost:2809