A-level Mathematics/Edexcel

Welcome. This is a wikibook about the Edexcel A-level course for mathematics. Whilst it is aimed at students studying the course, it may be of interest to other readers, especially those taking other mathematics courses or considering taking an A-level mathematics course.

This maths specification is now outdated and the curriculum follows a DIFFERENT structure

This book is intended a revision aid. It is recommended that you use a textbook as well as this, as this may not cover the entire course. This wikibook is NOT endorsed by Edexcel.

More information about the course can be found in Edexcel's course specification

Course Structure edit

A-level courses generally last for two years. In the first year, you are most likely to take Core Mathematics 1 and 2, and one applied module. This will get you your Advanced Subsidiary (AS) qualification. In your second year, you will take Core Mathematics 3 and 4, and another applied module. This will get you your A-level qualification.

If you are doing the Further Mathematics A-level, you will probably do the above in the first year, and in the second year, you will do Further Pure Mathematics 1, either or both of Further Pure Mathematics 2 and 3, and three or four more applied modules. The AS qualification is restricted to Further Pure Mathematics 1 and one of any other unit not used in Mathematics. There is also a Further Mathematics (Additional) AS and A-level, available on top of the Further Mathematics A-level.

There is also an A-level in Pure Mathematics alone, composed of Core Mathematics 1 to 4 and Further Pure Mathematics 1, and one unit out of Further Pure Mathematics 2 and 3. Its AS contains Core Mathematics 3, unlike the Mathematics A-level which include Core Mathematics 3 as part of the A2 section. The AS and A-level in Pure Mathematics cannot be combined with any other mathematics-related qualification.

The Further Pure units and Decision units have been revised with effect from the January 2009 examinations. The former Further Pure units will only continue until January 2010, overlapping with the introduction of the new Further Pure units; the former Decision units have been replaced by the new.

Modules edit

These are the modules I aim to have written for eventually. There are more, so if anyone is kind enough to help, please do.

Core Mathematics edit

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