A-level Computing 2009/ICT Projects using LAMP

A-level students of Computing and ICT are required to produce a substantial coursework project. The Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP platform is a sound development platform for projects of this size.

This wikibook will lead you through the development of an A-level project using these tools and advise on the way to present the project for your examiners. The book will develop the example of a local video/DVD rental shop offering an on-line catalog and reservation system for use by its customers and staff. (This is just a thought - we could develop a different example, or even use a live solution off Sourceforge.net).

Proposed chapter titles:

  • Setting up your XAMPP server;
  • Downloading and installing systems (using rt as an example?);
  • Specifying the problem;
  • Possible solutions;
  • Selecting the best solution;
  • Designing in detail;
  • Building the database;
  • Implementing the PHP front end;
  • Testing;
  • Documenting your solution;
  • Evaluating your solution;
  • Possible problems for you to address.