A-level Computing/AQA/Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representation and Practical Exercise/Skeleton code/2016 Exam

The exam questions are very hard to predict and this site is by no means going to give you everything you need for the questions you'll sit. The most important thing you should do is learn how to program, and learn how to program well!

This is for the new specification A-Level Computer Science with the skeleton code being a version of the Battleships game. There is a change in the exam layout this year as the standard comp1 and comp2 some of us are used to are being changed. The main changes are that some of the questions from the comp1 (now called paper 1) have moved to the comp 2(now called paper 2) with some smaller differences in the specifications. it is advised you go through these specification to check if you have missed anything and to check for changes.

I think that that is the format for the paper 1 and it is very similar to the comp1 in the last few years, just without the section A as it is being moved onto the paper 2.(If I Say anything wrong please edit this page, I have no intention of misleading people.)

As I don't know the full layout of the paper the pages may not be in the right order or labelled right so please edit them as you see fit.

Skeleton code June 2016 Problems (Section D in Comp1 and most likely Section C in Paper 1 on new spec this year)

Sample Question Papers/