Systematic approach to problem solving: Design

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Once we have settled on what we are going to make and the objectives for the system, we need to set about designing the components. Design is important as it allows you to start thinking about how you will make things, and hopefully avoid making mistakes later.

The Process involved in the design of a product is looking at:

  • User interface
  • Processes
  • Data storage requirements
Example: Electronic Craft Design

For Electronic Crafts they now know we are making a football game for the Super MES.

This system only has a joypad interface, they'll have to note which buttons should do what, and where everything will appear on the screen

types of input are important to consider when designing interfaces

The process design is probably the most complicated part. How will the game work out when someone has scored, what will the code for playing a game on the internet look like etc. This may be designed using tools such as UML, Data flow diagrams and pseudo code. You don't need to know the specifics for this Unit but they will come in useful for the A2 project.

The design stage is very important to avoid mistakes later on

Finally, Electronic Crafts would need to think about how the game would be delivered to the customer (download vs disc), how games will be saved (On the machine, online or on a memory unit), and how online data would be stored (database details).

more and more products no longer require physical media
Exercise: Design
Why is it important for companies to design products?


So that they can avoid mistakes later on by spotting them in the design stage

Name 3 things that a company should design


  • User Interface
  • Processes
  • Data storage
How would you recommend a company distributes the latest computer game and why?


They should do it online, so that it is faster to get to the customer and companies don't have to pay so much in distribution costs. It also allows for updates to be released without having to recall all the discs


They should distribute it using Blu-ray discs as they offer lots of space and some people have very slow internet connections. They can also be sold in shops, meaning customers will see them and be tempted to buy them