A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/The Polymer Revolution

The Polymer Revolution is the fifth unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course.

Chemical Storylines sections edit

  • PR1 The start of the revolution
  • PR2 The polythene story
  • PR3 Towards high density polymers
  • PR4 The Teflon man
  • PR5 Dissolving polymers
  • PR6 Polymers that outdo nature
  • PR7 Summary

Chemical Ideas sections edit

  • 3.4 E/Z isomerism
  • 5.3 Bonds between molecules: temporary and permanent dipoles
  • 5.4 Bonds between molecules: hydrogen bonding
  • 5.6 The structure and properties of polymers
  • 6.4 Infrared Spectroscopy
  • 12.2 Alkenes
  • 13.2 Alcohols and ethers

Activities edit

  • PR1 Some important polymers: introductory data
  • PR2 Making poly(phenylethene) (Optional extension)
  • PR3 Using spaghetti to model polymer structure
  • PR5.1 Deflecting jets
  • PR5.2 Viscosity in alcohols
  • PR5.3 Now you see it...
  • PR5.4 Making ‘slime’
  • PR5.5 Oxidation of alcohols
  • PR6 Poly(pyrrole) - a conducting polymer
  • PR7 Check your notes on The Polymer Revolution

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