A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/The Elements of Life

The Elements of Life is the first unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course. It reviews essential topics from GCSE-level chemistry and introduces new content, including:

  • the structure, properties, and behaviour of individual atoms
  • the interaction of atoms with electromagnetic radiation
  • the three main types of chemical bonding
  • chemical patterns in the periodic table
  • the shapes of molecules
Haemoglobin relies on iron atoms to bind oxygen molecules so they can be transported around the body

Chemical Storylines sections edit

  • EL1: What are we made of?
  • EL2: Take two elements...
  • EL3: Where do the chemical elements come from?
  • EL4: Looking for patterns in elements
  • EL5: The molecules of life
  • EL6: Summary

Chemical Ideas sections edit

  • 1.1 Amount of substance
  • 1.2 Balanced equations
  • 2.1 A simple model of the atom
  • 2.2 Nuclear reactions
  • 2.3 Electronic structure: shells
  • 3.1 Chemical bonding
  • 3.3 The shapes of molecules
  • 6.1 Light and electrons
  • 11.1 Periodicity
  • 11.2 The s block: Groups 1 and 2

Activities edit

  • EL1 How do we know the formula of a compound?
  • EL2.1 How much iron is in a sample of an iron compound?
  • EL2.2 Making the most of your study of chemistry
  • EL3.1 Investigating the chemistry of Group 1 and Group 2 elements
  • EL3.2 How do the physical properties of elements change across a row in the Periodic Table?
  • EL3.3 Check your notes on The Elements of Life : Part 1
  • EL4.1 How do we know about atoms?
  • EL4.2 Isotopic abundance and relative atomic mass
  • EL4.3 Investigating a spectroscopic technique
  • EL4.4 Radon in the rocks
  • EL5 Balloon molecules
  • EL6 Check your notes on The Elements of Life : Part 2

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