A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere is the fourth unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course.

Cyclone Catarina off the coast of Brazil, as seen from the International Space Station in March 2004.

Chemical Storylines sections edit

  • A1: What's in the air?
  • A2: Screening the Sun
  • A3: Ozone: a vital sunscreen
  • A4: The CFC story
  • A5: How bad is the ozone crisis
  • A6: Trouble in the troposphere
  • A7: Keeping the window open
  • A8: Focus on carbon dioxide
  • A9: Coping with carbon
  • A10: Summary

Chemical Ideas sections edit

  • 6.2 What happens when radiation interacts with matter?
  • 6.3 Radiation and radicals
  • 7.1 Chemical equilibrium
  • 10.1 Factors affecting reaction rates
  • 10.2 The effect of temperature on rate
  • 10.5 What is a catalyst? (revision)
  • 10.6 How do catalysts work?
  • 13.1 Halogenoalkanes

Activities edit

  • A2.1 What substances can act as sunscreens?
  • A2.2 Investigating sunscreens
  • A2.3 What is the effect of the atmosphere on the Sun’s radiation?
  • A3.1 More about ozone
  • A3.2 The photodissociation of bromine (Optional teacher demonstration)
  • A3.3 Investigating the reaction between bromine and cyclohexane
  • A4.1 How do halogenoalkanes differ in reactivity?
  • A4.2 Making a halogenoalkane
  • A4.3 Designing refrigerants
  • A5 Chemistry in the stratosphere
  • A6 Which are the greenhouse gases?
  • A8.1 The effect of concentration changes on chemical equilibria
  • A8.2 Measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in air samples
  • A9 Controlling carbon dioxide
  • A10 Check you notes on The Atmosphere

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