A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/Colour by Design

Colour by Design is the eleventh unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course.

Realgar is an orange-red mineral used as a pigment in ancient times. Pararealgar is orange-yellow. They have different colours because they have different crystal structures, despite having the same empirical formula, AsS. The crystal structures of realgar and pararealgar contain differently-connected As4S4 molecules − these are shown above, realgar to the left, pararealgar to the right.

Chemical Storylines sections edit

  • CD1 Ways of making colour
  • CD2 The Monastral Blue story
  • CD3 Chrome Yellow
  • CD4 Chemistry in the art gallery
  • CD5 At the start of the rainbow
  • CD6 Chemists design colours
  • CD7 Colour for cotton
  • CD8 High-tech colour
  • CD9 Summary

Chemical Ideas sections edit

  • 6.7 Where does colour come from? (revision)
  • 5.1 Ions in solids and solutions (revision)
  • 6.8 Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy
  • 13.6 Oils and fats
  • 7.3 Chromatography
  • 6.1 Light and electrons (revision)
  • 12.3 Arenes
  • 12.4 Reactions of arenes
  • 13.10 Azo compounds
  • 6.9 Chemistry of colour

Activities edit

  • CD1 Changing colours chemically
  • CD3 Seeing colours
  • CD4.1 Using reflectance spectra to identify pigments
  • CD4.2 What factors affect the drying potential of an oil?
  • CD4.3 Investigating paint media
  • CD4.4 Identifying a pigment
  • CD4.5 Finding a perfect match
  • CD5 Comparing hydrocarbons
  • CD6 Making azo dyes
  • CD7.1 Dyeing with a direct dye and a reactive dye
  • CD7.2 Different dyes for different fibres
  • CD9 Check your notes on Colour by Design

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