A-level Applied Science/The Actions and Development of Medicines

Categorise each medicine – for example antibiotic, antiviral (compound), analgesic, anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory agent, vaccine, antiseptic, vitamin supplement. Your two chosen medicines must come from different categories;

give details of the different factors which affect the action of the medicine – including molecular structure, functional groups, method of elimination from the body, either through excretion or metabolism;

give details of the site in the body where the action of the each medicine take place – for example organs, cell membranes, muscles, microorganisms, blood system or nervous system;

explain the different route(s) by which the medicine can be administered – for example oral, rectal, nasal, inhalation, injection and transferral patches;

Consider the various types of formulation used for medicines- for example syrups, tablets, creams, injections – and select the most suitable for the two medicines you have chosen.

Make sure to give your draft to your teacher, so they can correct any mistakes. Also, reference sources as otherwise this may be seen as plagiarism.