A-level Applied Science/Physics of Performance Effects/Light

You need to know about:

• how light travels.

• the intensity and amplitude of light.

• the relationship between distance from a light source and intensity

• the relationship between the frequency, wavelength and colour

• the three primary colours of light, complementary colours and how they combine

• the production of a spectrum from white light

• lighting effects (silhouettes, shadows, lightning flashes, optical illusions, etc.)

• lighting aids (footlights, floodlights, stroboscopes, dimmer boards, dimmer racks, slide projectors, data projectors, colour wheels, mirror balls, lasers, etc.)

You need to measure:

• the reflection of light by plane and curved surfaces.

• the refraction of light by prisms and lenses.

• the use of colour filters

• reflection and absorption of light to colour objects