A-level Applied Science/Investigating Science at Work

About this Unit


From the AQA Specification:

You need to produce a portfolio of evidence to show how science is used to provide products and services in different kinds of science based organisations.

How you will be assessed


This unit is assessed through the work you complete for your portfolio.

The marking criteria are found in the AQA Specification.

What you need to know


The types of organisation which use science.

How science is used in organisations.

How health and safety regulations are used in the workplace.

How the organisation impacts on the local community.



The specification requires you to identify and use appropriate research methods to complete your portfolio. It will not be possible, therefore, for this textbook to give extensive details on any of the sections your portfolio needs. Below are some suggestions and links you might find useful:

Research methods.

Health and safety regulations.

INCO case study.

GlaxoSmithKline site for applied science - how science is used in the pharmaceutical industry.