A-level Applied Science/Choosing and Using Materials

About this Unit edit

From the AQA Specification:

In this unit you will learn about:

  • the different properties of materials such as metals, polymers and ceramics;
  • how scientists define the properties of a material and compare values for different materials;
  • how to measure some of the properties of a material and investigate how they allow the material to be put to a particular use;
  • why different materials behave in different ways;
  • how the internal structure of a material influences the way it behaves;
  • ways in which properties of a material can be modified by altering the structure of the material.

How you will be assessed edit

In this unit you will be required to complete an external examination of 1½ hours duration. The examination will consist of a series of compulsory short answer questions and will be marked out of 80. The examination may also contain a comprehension exercise.

You will be assessed on your knowledge, understanding and skills relating to choosing and using materials.

What you need to know edit

Properties of materials

Relating the physical properties of materials to their structure

Microscopic structure

The different classes of materials