A-Level Maths & Further Maths

Introduction edit

This book covers both A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. It is separated by content and topics, rather than by different exam boards.

The A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics specifications were updated following reforms in the UK for GCE A-Level examinations. This new book is to cover all the changes in content and compile information from the previous wikibook that makes references to older specifications (specifically 2013 and earlier). The new specifications are linear and replaced module-based A-Levels. The first exams of the current specification were in 2017.

The majority of core content is set by the UK Department for Education and is assessed by exam boards, all of which add various amounts of additional content to exams. The current exam boards are AQA, Edexcel, OCR, OCR (MEI), CCEA, WJEC and CIE.

List of Topics edit

A-Level Mathematics
Topic AQA Edexcel OCR
A-Level Maths & Further Maths/Algebraic Expressions
A-Level Further Mathematics
Topic AQA Edexcel OCR OCR B (MEI) CIE