4chan Chronicle/Styling Guide

The BasicsEdit

  • Wikibooks Editing - Learn how to edit a wiki, and how to read wikitext. It's pretty easy, don't be afraid.

Link TemplatesEdit

Link templates are used to provide wikilinks for memes, esoteric language, or other topics of interest on other wikis.

  • Bibliotheca Anonoma - Hosts stories, art, and literature from many different eras of 4chan's history.
  • KnowYourMeme Wiki - Currently the most comprehensive, well researched wiki about memes around. Link to this for most references.
  • LURKMOAR Wiki - An important secondary source for most information about early 2006-2008 4chan history.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica - Another important record of 4chan history, memes, and raids. But many pages are total satire, and should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Featured Link templates - Special boxes that point to articles on other websites or wikis, with more information about a topic.
  • Create your own - Here's how you create a Link Template.

Structural TemplateEdit