360 Assembly/360 Instructions/MVZ


Instruction Type:  Machine Instruction

Machine Format:  SS Instruction

D3 L B1 D1 B2 D2

Symbolic Format:   [symbolic name]  MVZ D1(L,B1),D2(B2)

            [symbolic name)  MVZ  name1,name2  

*     The zone portion (high order 4 bits) of each byte from the second operand is placed in the zone portion of the corresponding byte of the first operand field.

*     The instruction moves the data one byte at a time left to right. The zone portion of the leftmost (high-order) byte of the sending field is moved first.

*     The operands may overlap in memory.

*     The numeric portion (low-order 4 bits) of each byte are unchanged in either field.

*     The first and second operands may overlap.

*     A maximum of 256 bytes may be moved.

     The condition code is unchanged.