21 Expected Difficult Questions With Simple Answers

This is a collection of Questions asked by common people who are unwilling to know, ignorant about, or in opposition of marginal groups like Queers, women, people of color and other marginal groups

  • What is in this book ?
This book intends to document frequently asked difficult, tricky questions for Social Scientists, activists and persons who work on these issues. I am planning to collect questions on the themes of caste, gender, sexuality, race, class, and capitalism and if possible I will try and cover other themes too. Here I will try and collect 21 important questions and answers for each theme. Though this number might vary as per the need of the theme.
  • How this book came into existence?
This book is a outcome of questions I/User:QueerEcofeminist have received/faced during my decade long work with NGOs, university departments, community in the states of Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Delhi. The context and content of these states from India may differ from those residing in other parts of the world.
  • Why I/We am/are writing this book?
Many a times, we know how to answer the typical and easy to answer questions. We already have our sympathies about the people of margins, people who are constantly discriminated against, face violence. But I want to focus on those questions which are asked by insensitive, cruel, strong opponents of queers, people of color, dalits, labors and many others who are forced to be on the margins of the society. So questions which are asked to social workers, social scientists, community representatives may drastically differ from my experiences. But Everyone is welcome and add questions which they think are difficult to answer and tricky about their own identity, movement they want to further.

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