0 A.D./Changing teams

Passing the Torch


At the end of 2016, Johansson passed on the torch of project leader to Nicolas (“Itms”) Auvray, a Physics student from France in his early 20’s. Johansson continues to be the Administrative Head of Wildfire Games, thus continuing a sustained involvement of more than ten years in the project.

Current State


0 A.D. is over 15 years in development and still not done, but it has come a long way and continues to make substantial improvements. Missing features are less and less numerous, and the community of players and contributors is thriving. The time and effort contributors have put in is comparable to what goes into developing a regular AAA title, and those can take up to 7 years to create, even with a greater and steadier input of work. Open source game projects of this scale lasting for this long is truly a rare, yet positive, occurrence.