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Introduction to Computer Information Systems

This is an open educational resource to supplement course materials for an undergraduate college credit course in Computer Information Systems.
Computers in Your Life

Introduction to ComputersEdit

  1. Computers in Your Life
  2. What is a Computer?
  3. Computers to Fit Every Need
  4. Computer Networks and the Internet
  5. Computers and Society
  6. Review


IPO Diagram
  1. The System Unit
  2. Storage
  3. Input and Output


  1. Systems Software
  2. Applications Software
Technology Is the Future!

Networks and the InternetEdit

  1. What is a Network?
  2. The Internet and the World Wide Web
  3. Internet Security

Business on the WebEdit

  1. Using Multimedia on the Web
  2. Advantages of E-Commerce
Systems Development Life Cycle


  1. Systems Development
  2. Programming Languages
  3. Database Management Systems

Computers and SocietyEdit

  1. Security and Privacy
  2. Intellectual Property and Ethics

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