XRX/Standard Views


Motivation edit

XRX applications need standards for viewing lists of items as well as HTML view of specific items.

Method edit

One of the first functions of most web applications is to provide some way to browse and view data. With XRX application we call these functions list-items and view-item. These are generic XQuery scripts that are located in a views sub-collection of the main application collection. View are by their name, read-only views of the XML data.

Listing Items edit

In general, the list-items function must show a brief summary of each record. It is usually displayed in a table view with each column helping to identify a record and distinguish this record from other records. The following are typical requirements of a list-items XQuery

  • Display a single line representation of a record
  • Display the records in a logical order
  • Display columns that help identify the record
  • Allow for pagination for large record sets
  • Provide links to key per-record functions such as viewing the full record, edit or delete

View Item edit

  • The view-item query provides a read-only view to a specific record. It required a parameter of the record identifier.