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Just having a chat: this book offers practice and instruction to develop pupils' spoken and written English.

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This book contains exercises to build English language skills. It's for boys and girls aged about nine to thirteen who want to express themselves clearly, naturally, and effectively. It's for parents wanting their children to develop good speech and writing habits from a young age, and give them reasons to learn English.

The examples included are suitable for language learners of any age, although older readers may find Business English, English as an Additional Language, and English for B2 Students better suited to their specific needs.

This book takes the English you may learn at school, and adds on supporting examples, resources, drills, and practice. It also explores the real-world value to learning English: to be creative, articulate, and expressive. For this reason, pupils should study this as a supplement, not a substitute, to the theory and rules found in English in Use and your school textbooks and resources.

This book is different from other books, which are best read front-to-back. Here, feel free to skip around, find chapters which are interesting to you or your child, and do however many exercises needed to achieve mastery. Or highlight your weaknesses, and skip over what you've nailed down. Make it your own!

Finally, this book is written entirely in American English. In countries other than the United States, conventions on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation may differ.

Table of contentsEdit

  1. Speaking clearly and effectively
    1. The importance, and practice to improve, pronunciation