Vietnamese language: An Introduction

Vietnamese is a tonal Austroasiatic language. Its diverse range of vocabulary—both native and borrowed from Chinese, and to a lesser extent, French—can help to express ideas in highly creative ways. Nevertheless, its grammatical principles are not very apparently systematic to foreign learners.

Tiếng Việt
Tiếng Việt
Vietnamese language
An introduction

CHÀO means "HELLO"

CHÀO = CH (consonant) + AO (dipthong) + `(tone)

  • Vowel "CH": pronounce similar to "CH" in "CHEESE" in English, but it is softer.
  • Dipthong "AO": pronounce similar to "OW" in "NOW" English, but it is more round.
  • Tone ` : is a decreasing line written above main vowel. The word with this tone is spoken with decreasing intonation.