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Video Production/Mick Fuzz's notes on Windows & Mac platforms and Free Software solutions

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Capturing and editingEdit

Encoding for Internet / DVDEdit

  • Virtual Dub Mod encoder for Avi Files - Open source -
  • Goridan Knot Open source - Create avi from DVD's
  • Quicktime Pro - proprietry - create mp4 files
  • Windows Media Encoder - free with valid xp licence / crack - Making WMV files
  • Matroska creating files with multiple subtitle files

Making SubtitlesEdit

Other ProcessingEdit


Capturing and editingEdit

Final Cut Pro (FCP}Edit


I MovieEdit

Good but very limited, and not an obvious link between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. So if they are likely to make the jump and learn FCP eventually, then you may as well start on FCP

Encoding for InternetEdit

Quick Time Pro

Making SubtitlesEdit

Other ProcessingEdit