VCE Mathematical Methods

This book aims to cover the Victorian Certificate of Education (Australia) Unit 3 and 4 Mathematical Methods course, offering exercises, worked examples, explanations and practice exams.

Table of Contents

Functions, Graphs and Algebra.


Linear Functions
Parabolic Functions
Cubic Functions
Quartic Functions

Other Functions

Hyperbola Function
Truncus Function
Square Root Function
Modulus Function

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Indicial Equations
Euler's Number
Logarithmic Equations
Exponential Graphs
Logarithmic Graphs

Circular Functions

Unit Circle
The Sine Function
The Cosine Function
The Tangent Function
Solving Trigonometric Equations

Combining Graphs

Sum and difference functions
Product and quotient functions
Composite functions

Inverse Functions

Inverse Relations
Inverse Equations
Inverse functions


Differentiation from First Principles
Differentiation by Rule


Practice Exams and SACs

Exam One, Practice Exam #1