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Types of Strategy GuidesEdit


These are the kinds of books restored from 2006 at Wikibooks:

  • Game Specific strategy guides - Focusing on a specific game, and by far the most popular. Analogous to a print strategy guide of the 1980's-Present Day.
  • Game Series strategy guides - Broadly focusing on a game series. Similar to the Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter, but with strategy guides as an element.
  • Game Lore guides - Not actually strategy guides - Far closer to the literature books on Wikibooks than Strategy Guides. Roughly equivalent to the characters and places sections of Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter.


These are the kinds of strategy guides created following the reinstatement of Strategy Guides on Wikibooks.

  • Educational - Two varieties, both of which are primarily game specific strategy guides with added content.
    • Notes game locations, characters to tie real world educational content when relevant.
    • Notes game design decisions both to enhance value as a strategy guide, and to be a tool for game designers.