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Me (Far right with black cap) and some friends in Miami Beach at night.

Hello, my name is Erwin and I'm 21 years od. I'm from Miami, Florida. I was born in Havana, Cuba. I love to learn about any and every topic. I love history. I'm studying Multimedia Design at the ITT Technical Institute in Miami.


I currently reside in Miami, Florida. I grew up in Hialeah, Florida until a few years ago when I moved to Live Oak, Florida. I didn't like it there so I came back to the south. I like this city because of it's diversity and location. I DON'T like it because of its weather, climate and traffic!


My hobbies include Web development (PHP, MySQL, CSS), Web Design, playing the guitar (Ibanez RG-170), videogames, flying kites, and RC Vehicles.

10 Facts about me

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  1. I was born on April fools day.
  2. I am not scared of anything except things that scare me.
  3. I mix Coke with water (2 parts Coke/3 parts water).
  4. My DNA is exactly the same as my father's brother's brother's son.
  5. I chew 95% of all the food I eat with the right side of my mouth.
  6. 2 = 5 + 234 + 95 - 641 + 350 - 200 + 5 + 101 + 55 - 2
  7. I like to grow a thick beard once every two or three months.
  8. My head is f***ing huge.
  9. The equation in # 6 is incorrect.
  10. No it isn't.

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