Dates of death of early 20th century classicistsEdit

Authors in copyright until 2030sEdit

  • W. H. S. Jones, d.1963[1]
  • Edgar Cardew Marchant, d.1960[2]

Authors in public domain in 2021Edit

Authors in public domainEdit

  • Reginald Bainbridge Appleton, 1938[3]
  • Edward Vernon Arnold, 1926[4]
  • Frank S Granger, 1936[5]
  • Cyril Lyttleton Mainwaring d 1919 [6]
  • Walter Lionel Paine d 1915 War Memorials; OUNRoH
  • Effie Ryle, 1947[7]
  • Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge, d.1940[8]
  • Samuel Edward Winbolt, d.1944[9]

Public domain Latin educational booksEdit

Online copiesEdit


Partially transcribedEdit

Ready for transcriptionEdit

Digitised, not transcribedEdit

Neither transcribed nor published digitised copiesEdit

These are available from the British Library.

Scannned personally, not publishedEdit

  • Livy's Kings of Rome. Edited, with introduction, notes, and vocabulary by S. E. Winbolt. (1911)
  • Dialogues of Roman Life. Written and adapted by S. E. Win... WINBOLT, Samuel Edward. 1913

Not scannned personally, not publishedEdit

  • Josephus : being the 'Autobiography' and Selections from the 'Jewish War' Edited by S. E. Winbolt. (1907)
  • Gustatio, vel memoriter ediscenda. (Extracts from the Latin classics.) Reginald Bainbridge APPLETON London : Herbert Russell, (1923)
  • Initium: a first Latin course on the direct method Reginald Bainbridge APPLETON (1925)
  • Lūdī Persicī. New edition of “Perse Latin Plays”. Reginald Bainbridge APPLETON Oxford : University Press, 1921.
  • Noctuīnus. Dramatic dialogues.Reginald Bainbridge APPLETON Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1926.

Uncertain copyright statusEdit

  • Report of the First Meeting, etc. School for the Reform of Latin Teaching (1911) (available at BL)
  • Bell's Latin picture cards (text by Frank Granger out of copyright; illustrations by J Williamson, uncertain status (not available at BL)

In copyright books until 2021Edit

These are available from the British Library.

  • Linguaphone Latin course, WHD Rouse
  • The Menaechmi : the Original of Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors": the Latin text together with the Elizabethan translation / edited by W. H. D. Rouse. (1922)
  • Latin on the Direct Method. By W. H. D. Rouse and Reginald Bainbridge APPLETON (1925)
  • Latin Stories for Reading or Telling, By W. H. D. Rouse (1935)
  • Linguae Latinae exercitatio: Scenes of School and College Life, VIVES, Joannes Ludovicus edited by WHD Rouse (1935)

In copyright until 2031Edit

  • Bell's Concise Latin Course, MARCHANT, Edgar Cardew (1904)


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