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Steps to make one unit of the origami Jackson cube
Assembling the Jackson cube
STEP 1: Square sheet of paper
  • Students are asked to identify the shape of the paper.
  • How many corners does it have?
  • How many sides does it have?
  • Identify an object having this shape in the surroundings.
STEP 2: Take a square sheet of paper and fold in half vertically.
  • What is the shape obtained?
  • How many sides and corners does it have?
  • Are all the sides equal?
STEP 3: Unfold and bring the left and right sides of the square to the line at the center.
  • What is the shape now?
  • Is it the same as the shape in step 2?
STEP 4: Fold the paper in half horizontally.
  • What is the shape formed now?
  • Is it the same as the square we started with?
  • Is it smaller or bigger than the initial square?
STEP 5: Unfold and then fold the bottom and top edge to the center line.
  • Is this square the same as that in Step 4? Why?
STEP 6: Unfold
  • This is one unit of the cube. Make 5 more units.
  • How many sides does the cube have? These are called edges of the cube.
  • Are all the sides equal?
  • How many squares are found on the cube? These are called faces of the cube.
  • How many corners does the cube have? These are called vertices of the cube.
  • Identify objects having shape of the cube in surroundings.