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Blender 3DEdit

Noob to ProEdit

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
Unit 1 - Knowing Before Making
Knowing Before Making
What Blender Can Do
Section 1A - 3D Concepts
3D Geometry
Coordinate Transformations
Orthographic Views
Perspective Views
Coordinate Spaces in Blender
Section 1B - User Interface (UI)
User Interface Overview
Keystroke, Button, and Menu Notation
Non-standard equipment
Operating System specific notes
Blender Interface
Blender Windowing System
User Preferences Windows
Buttons Windows
3D View Windows
Blender Interface (version 2.5)
Blender Windowing System (version 2.5)
User Preferences Window (version 2.5)
Properties Window (version 2.5)
3D View (version 2.5)
Blender Memory Management
Unit 2 - Basic Modeling and Shading
Section 2A - Your First Mesh Models
What is a Mesh?
Quickie Model
Quickie Render
Understanding the Camera
Improving Your House
Section 2B - Smooth Meshes (Simple Person with a Hat)
Modeling a Simple Person
Detailing Your Simple Person 1
Detailing Your Simple Person 2
Creating a Simple Hat
Putting Hat on Person
Section 2C - Materials and Textures
Materials and Textures
Quickie Material
Multiple Materials Per Object
Image Textures
Procedural Textures
Quickie Texture
Halo Materials
Section 2D - Beyond Basics
Aligned to view issue
Mountains Out Of Molehills
Modeling a volcano
Penguins from spheres
Die Easy 2
Die Another Way
Model a Goblet
Model a Silver Goblet
Model a Silver Goblet cylinder
Spin a goblet
Light a Silver Goblet
Simple Vehicle
Simple Vehicle: Wheel
Simple Vehicle: Seat
Simple Vehicle: Rocket Launcher
Simple Vehicle: Body
Simple Vehicle: Some Assembly Required
Modeling a 3D Parachute in Blender
Model a Low Poly Head
Building a House
Pipe joints
Section 2E - Using Reference Photos
Aligning Vertices with a Guide Image
Modeling a Fox from Guide Images
2D Image (logo) to a 3D Model
Section 2F - Curve and Path Modeling
Curve and Path Modeling
Intro to Bezier Curves
Curves In 3d
Deforming Meshes using the Curve Modifier
Making Your Creation Smoother
Section 2G - Using Materials and Textures
Using Textures
Using a texture to make a material partially transparent
Creating Basic Seawater
Mountains Out Of Molehills 2
Basic Carpet Texture
The Rusty Ball
Procedural Eyeball
Creating Pixar-looking eyes in Blender
Section 2H - UV Maps
UV Map Basics
Realistic Eyes In Blender
Unit 3 - Broadening Horizons
Section 3A - Lighting
Beginning Lighting
Understanding Real Lights
Adding Lamps
Faked Gi with Blender internal
Section 3B - Rendering
Render Settings
Output Format Options
Looking All Around - Panorama Settings
Other Important Render Options
Yafray Render Options
2D, Toon, & CAD Rendering
Section 3C - Basic Animation
Basic Animation
Creating Basic Water animation
Flying Through A Canyon
Using the sequencer to compile frames into an animation
Section 3D - Particle Systems
Particle Systems
Making Fire
Particles forming Shapes
Billboard Animation
Section 3E - Soft Bodies
Soft Body Animation
Simple Cloth Animation
Soft Body with wind
Section 3F - Blender Game Engine
Your First Test
Platformer: Creation and Controls
An aMAZEing game engine tutorial
Platformer: Physics Fixes
Making exe
Build a skybox
Basic mouse pointer
Text in BGE
Python Platformer: Creation
Unit 4 - Taking Off With Advanced Tutorials
Section 4A - Python Scripting
Python Scripting
Introduction (version 2.5)
Addon Anatomy (version 2.5)
Addon User Interface (version 2.5)
Addon Custom Property (version 2.5)
Separately Installable Addon (version 2.5)
Object, Action, Settings (version 2.5)
Procedural object creation
External scripts
Creating a GUI for your script
Export scripts
Import scripts
Scripts for modifying meshes
Section 4B - Advanced Modeling
Advanced Modeling Introduction
Advanced Modeling
Creating a Light Probe
Making Landscapes with heightmaps
How to Do Procedural Landscape Modeling
Landscape Modeling I: Basic Terrain
Landscape Modeling II: Texture Stenciling
Landscape Modeling III: Exporting as a Heightmap
Realistic Water using Fluid Sim and Yafray
Section 4C - Advanced Materials and Textures
Bump Mapping
Normal Mapping
Texture Normal Mapping
Color Map Normal Mapping
Texture Nodes
Material Nodes
Section 4D - Advanced Animation
Armature Object
Object View
Edit View
Pose View
Mesh Object
Armature and Mesh
Vertex Groups and Weight Paint
Shape Key
Copy Location
Copy Rotation
IK Solver
NLA Window
Intro to the NLA Editor
The Stride Feature
Relative Vertex Keys
Piston, Rod and Flywheel
Cutting Through Steel
Section 4E - Advanced Game Engine
Advanced Game Engine
Game Creating Techniques Part One: The GUI
Creating Pop-Up Menus
Creating Moving Menus
The "5-Layer" Button
Creating Object Outlines
Game Creating Techniques Part Two: Python
Really Advanced: The Game Engine Source
Reference Material
Tutorial Links List
Output Formats
Image Portfolio
Blender Glossary
Every Material Known to Man
Sources of free 3D models
Blueprint Links List
Materials, Textures, Photos
Asking for Help
Know What You're Doing
Modeling Realistically
Modelling tips
Cheat the 3D
Performance vs. Quality
Miscellaneous Tutorials
Modeling a Gingerbread Man
Modeling a simple space-ship
Creating Weapons based on 2D Images
Match Moving
Motion Tracking with Icarus
Create a Clayman
Organic Modeling
Understanding the Fluid Simulator
Creating a jewel in Blender
Modeling a picture
Modeling with the Spin Tool
Spin Tool Introduction
Illustrative Example: Model a Wine Glass
Creating Ogg-Theora movies using Blender
Creating animated GIFs using Blender and Gimp
3D Tiling Backgrounds For The Web
Cool Things
Creating Blender Libraries
Add some depth with stereo
Fluffy Material
Human Body
Using Blender Libraries
Beginning Modeling Final Project
Using Inkscape to make advanced Bezier curves
Platonic Solids
Polygonal Modeling
Box Modeling
Illustrative example: Model a Chair (Swan Chair)
Model a Chair-Preparations
Model a Chair-The Seat
Model a Chair-The Feet
Illustrative Example: Modeling a Simple Human Character
Modeling a Human Character - Preparations
Modeling a Human Character - Modeling
Polygon by Polygon modeling
Animation Notes and FAQ
Mist - Make Objects Opaque