Wiki Contribution GuidelinesEdit

General Wiki InformationEdit

Help on contributing to this Wiki book is available at

Spell CheckingEdit

Please try and spell check contributions before adding them to the Wiki.

Requests for contentEdit

If there are any information you feel that the Wiki is missing then please add them as sub-sections of this section.

If you decide to create a requested page then please remove the request from this section after you are done.

Current Requests

  • Setting up an online store with the E-Commerce plugin
  • Creating a contact us form

Improving this article sectionsEdit

If you feel that something that you contibute to the Wiki is incomplete, or could be improved, please add a section entitled Improving this article to the end of your contribution detailing the enhancements that you would like to see.

This should allow others to pick up and polish off work that you don't have time to do.

Empty sectionsEdit

Please don't create empty or placeholder sections. Only create sections if you have content to contribute.

If you have an idea for a new section please post it in the discussion section of this page.

Images and screenshotsEdit

Wherever possible, use UI screenshots to illustrate examples of using Umbraco.

Code snippets and examplesEdit

Code snippets and samples should be surrounded by pre tags.