Transportation Systems Simulation - A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIM/Transit: Traffic Data Input

Add Route From PlatformEdit

A pedestrian route that begins in the platform edge area is needed to instruct alighting pedestrians which route to take. In this example, the pedestrian's route leads to the Large Store. Use the procedures from the “Define Pedestrian Routes” section to place the route shown below.

Place Transit LineEdit

After the transit stop is placed, a transit line should be added that overlaps with the desired stops.

  1. Click on the network object Public Transport Lines.
  2. Then CTRL+Right Click on the link where the line should begin. The transit vehicles will enter the network from the beginning of this link.
  3. Click the link where the transit line should exit the network. By default the route will highlight the most direct route. If a different route is desired, after placing the final link and defining the attributes, CTRL+Right Click in the orange area in an intermediate part of the route and drag the route to the desired location.
  4. After clicking the ending link the PT Line attributes window opens. Enter “bus line” for Name:, choose “300: Bus”,
  5. Then Click the tab Departure Times.

  1. Right Click in the empty space in the Departure Times tab and Click Generate start times, the Generate Start Times by Service Rate window opens.

  1. Enter “1800” in the Rate: textbox, “7200” in the End: textbox, and “10” in the Occupancy text box.
  2. Click OK, verify 5 departure times were generated
  3. Click OK.

  1. Finally, verify the stop created in the previous section is active to the line just defined. See the figures below, the stop should show up as red when the transit line is highlighted when the stop is clicked on (see Figure below).

Now that the transit stop and line are defined, run the simulation again and view the stop behavior to verify it works as expected. The evaluation results can be analyzed again to continue to calibrate the model.

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