Transportation Systems Simulation - A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIM/Transit: Geometric Network Design

This section continues the interactive using theshoppesdbase model updated in previous sections by adding a transit stop and transit line to the network. The transit stop in this simulation example is a bus stop with alighting (descending) passengers that will enter the simulation. The buses will arrive every 30 minutes and 10 passengers will “alight” into the network.

Place Transit StopEdit

A stop, platform edge area, and a route from the platform edge need to be created in order to give alighting passengers a landing area and route direction.

  1. Click on the network object Public Transport Stops.
  2. Then find the point on the link the transit stop should start (see Figure below).
  3. Next, CTRL+Right Click and Hold to Drag from the stop start point until the approximate stop end and release. The PT Stops attribute window opens.
  4. Enter “bus stop” in the Name: text box and ”50” ft for the Length.
  5. Click the tab Boarding Passengers, Right Click in the blank area, Click Add, and enter “10” in the Volume column.
  6. Click OK.

Add Platform EdgeEdit

Adding a platform edge will automatically create an area adjacent to the transit stop that the alighting passengers will land on.

  1. Right Click on the transit stop created in the previous section.
  2. Then, Click Add platform edge right (see Figure below).

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