Transportation Systems Simulation - A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIM/Parking: Routes

Parking routes supplement the vehicle routes. Vehicle routes guide vehicles at junctions and decision points while parking routes are usually sub routes that grab vehicles from the main route and force them into a parking lot. Percentages and relative flows can be defined for parking routes just like regular vehicle routes.

Add Parking Vehicle RoutesEdit

  1. Click on the network object Vehicle Routes and choose “parking” from the drop down menu.
  2. Then CTRL+Right Click to start the parking route After the beginning of the main route than splits the traffic at the next intersection and Before the first parking spot.
  3. End the route in each parking spot by Clicking on each Parking Lot network object in each parking spot (see Figure below).

  1. Do this in twice, once in the EB direction and once in the WB direction.
  2. There should be two parking routing decisions in each direction. There will be 23 parking routes for the WB direction and 21 parking routes for one eastbound direction. The number of parking routes corresponds to the number of parking lot (or parking spaces).
  3. Run the simulation and observe the parking behavior in order to calibrate the model.

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