Transportation Systems Simulation - A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIM/Bicycle: Geometric Network Design

Bicycle simulation works using the same network object infrastructure as vehicle simulation. Vehicle compositions can be changed to add a percentage of bicycles if mixed flows are desired. To add dedicated bike lanes, use links to run adjacent to vehicle links and model conflict points where vehicle and bike lane links cross. The three procedures explained in this section that relate to bicycle simulation are to add bikes to vehicle compositions, create bike lane links, and model bike conflict zones, and model mixed flow to bike only routing decisions. This section adds additional links to the theshoppesbase model updated in the previous sections to model dedicated bike lanes.

Create Bike Lane LinksEdit

  1. Click on the network object Links.
  2. Then CTRL + Right Click to place the starting point and Click to place the ending point.
  3. Place the bicycle link (see Figure below) and type “bike lane” in the Name: text box.
  4. Type “4” in the Width input.
  5. Click OK.

  1. After the link is placed, put a connector between the vehicle link and bike lane line (see Figure below)
  • Right Click the start link then Click the ending link.
  • Leave the attributes as default.
  • Click OK.

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