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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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This page is the third and most advanced page devoted to the technical side of creating up-to-date config.txt files conformable with the Trainz data model as it evolves. For introductory coverage see Config.txt files and for intermediate elaborations the config.txt files articles are useful for Fault fixing to MINIMUM TBV levels needed.
The aim of this page is to provide upto date examples of recent TBV asset creations compliant with the increasing upload needs of the DLS upload filters.
Most of the content herein will be encapsulated Click boxes with a Title describing the config class and type asset. These pages can be gone to directly as well.


Contents by KIND group



Contents by function

Note many of these sub-pages duplicate entries above in KINDs TOC. The ordering here is because sometimes content creators use a surprising kind to implement the needed functions, normally because they need a script class for interactive behaviors.

AAA Assets


BBB Assets




Notes, Footnotes & References


Config.txt files are endemic and ever present in Trainz assets, for no asset can be defined without this type of Computer Science container. The keyword-value_of_key pairing must always be kept in mind in editing or creating Trainz content. The TrainzBaseSpec contains values and containers which are most common in asset defining config.txt files.