Trainz Stations are interactive 'Industry class' assets that use people, albeit digital people, as products. Passenger Cars are the complementary rolling stock assets which transport that product. The implementation of such products in Trainz depends on hidden smoke and mirrors of TrainzScript, and properly designed assets with a sufficiency of mesh attachment points.

Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation
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 Mouse use
An early Trainz Station as introduced in TRS2004 (v2.0–v2.4, 2003-04) with other interactive industries.

There are a wide variety of Train Station assets on the DLS and available through third party software vendors. Moreover, there is a wide variety of so-called invisible platforms which with suitable detailing allow most any building to be made into an interactive station. Trains stations inside a session like other interactive industries need be told what to do, so this page will deal with that bit of programming in the game.

Module Goals edit

By working through this material, the student will learn:

  1. Station Industries, glitz and glitter aside as like any other interactive Trainz Industries.
  2. Optional asset selection approaches and technologies for setting up Station Industries.
  3. Gain an understanding of Interactive Stations
  4. Gather an understanding of Dummy Stations,
    1. and how to upgrade them when modifying an older gem of a route using invisible platforms.
    2. Some tricks to substitute or mask or combine components of several technologies to get an desired 3D model.
  5. Master programming of Interactive Stations, when to do that in what layer, and so forth.

Dummy Station Components edit

In the beginner, before the Lord created the heaven's and the Earth... Stations in Trainz had the same humble beginning as dummy industries of any kind. Content Creators put together a set of likely looking scenery items, built up some splines objects of various appearances to act as platforms (each adroitly side stepped having stairs or steps by using ramps) and with the use of a few Trackmarks the primitive AI programability that was added into the Scenarios technology (Trainz UTC, v1.5) a scenario designer/writer could generate traffic for a human operator to sometimes interact with. Compared to what is possible with the much more highly evolved Trainz of today, there wasn't a lot of capabilities to exploit.

  1. Likely looking building
  2. Track with signalling
  3. Track mark on Tracks to interact with AI drivers and triggers for sensing control
  4. Station platform, either of the F3 tools 'Objects': F3,O or 'Spline scenery assets': F3,S groups.

Station Components edit

Programming Stations edit

Notes edit