The Holocaust/The rise of fascism

  • Political situation in Europe and Germany in the 1920s/early 1930s
  • The beginnings of the work of the NSDAP
  • Outline of the anti-semitist policies the Nazis were ready to adopt
  • Hitler rises to power
  • The start of oppression towards the German Jewish population
  • The early signs of a 'final solution'

Beginning in the late 1920's the far-right nationalist Nazis began to campaign for power in Germany and by 1934 controlled Germany. But, it was the Italians who created a Fascist state in 1922.

The Nazis always provoked hatred of Jews, gypsies et al. However it was in 1938 that the first organized pogrom of Jews took place with Kristallnacht where the Nazis were responsible for organizing attacks on Jewish shops etc. Before that in 1935 the Nuremberg laws were enacted. These laws caused the Jews to lose all rights.