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Template:ROOT/Template Documentation/RootInputLineStalled

< Template:ROOT/Template Documentation
This is the documentation for the template RootInputLineStalled designed for the book ROOT. Please embed this documentation on the template's page (or elsewhere) with {{ROOT/Template Documentation/RootInputLineStalled}}. To edit the template documentation, please edit this page.

This is a template designed for the book ROOT. It should be used to format input during an interactive ROOT session that is stalled until a } is entered.



Parameter Default Value Mandatory Description
#1   no Input line to be displayed.


  • Do not add a blank line before this template or you'll get ugly space.
  • To format multiple lines of code, use a new template for each line.
  • Well, this is annoying: You can't use the = sign, curly braces or a pipe inside the parameter. Encode them as HTML, eg. &#61; for the equality sign. Please see [1] for a list of HTML replacements.


In this example, we display a for loop that counts from 0 to 9. Note that I'm also making use of the Template:ROOT/RootInputLine.


{{ROOT/RootInputLine|0|for (Int_t i &#61; 0; i < 10; i++) &#123;  }}
{{ROOT/RootInputLineStalled|cout << i << endl; &#125; }}


root [0] for (Int_t i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
end with '}', '@':abort > cout << i << endl; }

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