Technology Integrated Lesson Plans in English Language Teaching/Group 1 Project

sometimes the student receive that when the teacher give some materials in the classroom, but we need this information about the subject. are they seriously in our topic or are there effect of technology as the former of the culture value?. in here that, the facilities of technology as the source about global information which we can make easy for us, for example: the teacher give some assignment but they just open and copy from internet and to send by email. so what should you do? we can make the observation and check the access then we give the rule for making the assignment with right decision . it is very important to do the lesson plan. sometimes we seldom check again this assignment from student or forget it. but the other side, the participant of parents are support to them. the lesson plan is a program to teach in the classroom. this program must be active and give solution when they do the activities in the classroom. but we make the lesson plan with easy for them. I think that, this is solution for us, for attention thank you very much