Technologies for Rural Development/Introduction


Rural Development is a term that is used widely in governmental organizations and many publications regarding rural activity in all the countries around the world. This book is about Rural Development at a basic level, with the material directed towards informing children about what can drive the first phases of development.

Technologies for Rural Development/Using water resourcesEdit

The water resources module explains how the water cycle operates and how important its protection and correct use is to development in all areas of life. A number of technologies that can improve use of water are explained.

Technologies for Rural Development/Building housesEdit

The housing module explains many ways of creating reliable housing in different rural locations around the globe.

Technologies for Rural Development/Ways of farmingEdit

This module explains how simple technologies can improve farming in rural areas.

Technologies for Rural Development/Dealing with wasteEdit

This module explains how simple technologies can improve waste management to minimise pollution.

Technologies for Rural Development/Building infrastructuresEdit

This module explains the importance of building infrastructures and working as a community.

Technologies for Rural Development/Creating energyEdit

This module explains simple ways to create and use energy in developing communities. according to the bhatt pardeep technology for house building and infrastructure development in ruaal area

Introduction for Parents, Guardians and EducatorsEdit

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