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Celtic CrossEdit

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with the Waite Rider Smith deck
Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

While there are many tarot spreads for all sorts of occasions and questions, the Celtic Cross is one of the most popular tarot spreads. The spread is described in detail in A.E. Waite's book The Pictoral Key to the Tarot, consisting of a cross, and a vertical spread of four cards. The two cards at the center represent the paradoxical energies of the querent. The four cards making up the cross represent the energies all around (past, above, future, below). The four cards in the column on the right can be treated like an advice column, with different points of view to consider to determine a long term outcome.

The cards shown in order in the right:

  1. Placed in the middle of the cross. Represents the heart of the issue, or the influence affecting the matter of inquiry.
  2. Placed in the middle of the cross, above card "A", usually sideways. Represents the obstacle that stands in the way. If this is a "good" card, it can mean something that is good but not to one's benefit, that the thing good in itself isn't productive, that the opposing forces aren't serious, or that it may seem good only on first glance.
  3. Placed above the middle of the cross. Represents either the goal, or the best potential result in the current situation. It can represent the energy above the querent.
  4. Placed below the middle. Represents the foundation of the issue, which has passed into reality. Represents the energy below.
  5. Placed to the left. Represents the short-term past, the influence that is departing.
  6. Placed to the right. Represents the short-term future, the influence that is approaching.
  7. Placed at the bottom of the column. Represents you, either as you are, could be, your presentation, etc. This is an energy that is holding you back, or that you can utilize to move forward.
  8. Placed at the second rank of the column. This represents how other people see you.
  9. Placed at the third rank. Your hopes and/or fears. The energy of your subconscious mind.
  10. Placed at the top. The ultimate result, the accumulation about the influences from the other cards in the divination.