The Pye city was ruled by the second Sakya prince after absconded from Arakan. Later Min Hti could have collected tax from Pye. When the king and his royal delegates visited they tortured to the men and harassed to the lady in many ways. Because of unbearable condition they fled from Sa-Pye in 1418 through thick forest in Chittagong Hill Treact during the reign of Jamal Uddin, who gave 12 khani lands (about 5 acres area). Under 12 kani, there settled 12 Taluk (Amu) chief members in 12 villages. According to their living and behaviours they became 12 septs. They are- (1) Karwa gawcha (2) Donya-gawcha (3) Mongla-gawcha (4) Melong-gawcha (5) Hlang-gawcha (6) Ongyo-gawcha (7) Lapossa-gawcha (8) Tamuluk-gawcha (9) Rangi-gawcha (10) Angu-gawcha (11) Tassi-gawcha and (12) Muaw-gawcha.