Supervisor Nuts and Bolts

Part I: Introduction to Supervision and Employee SelectionEdit

What is Supervision?Edit

Coaching and CounselingEdit

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Edit

Recruitment and SelectionEdit

Part II: Performance ManagementEdit

Management StylesEdit

Delegation: Responsiblity, Authority, and AccountabilityEdit

Writing Performance StandardsEdit

Conducting Performance InterviewsEdit

Employee Recognition ("The Good")Edit

Corrective Action ("The Bad")Edit

Employee Discipline ("The Ugly")Edit

Part III: Supervising a Complex WorkforceEdit

Workplace DiversityEdit

Workplace Harassment PreventionEdit

Workplace/Domestic ViolenceEdit

Employee Substance AbuseEdit

Employee Assistance ProgramsEdit

Time, Attendance, and the FMLAEdit

Epilogue: A Memo to SupervisorsEdit


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