Sport Innovation/IMG Combine360

Executive Summary edit

This article discusses the role of innovation and collaboration within International Management Group and Under Armour, two large international enterprises. IMG Academies in conjunction with Under Armour have developed a unique comprehensive athletic training platform that will establish a global measurement standard for improved sports performance, health and fitness called Combine360. As with any business innovation however, there are challenges and competitors that must be addressed to sustain competitive advantage.

The article contains a general background of International Management Group and Under Armour. A closer look into IMG Academies and its establishment is relevant to the Case Study as it is where the product innovation is distributed and used. A background of the partnership between Under Armour and IMG Academies in specific relation towards the innovation and establishment of the athletic testing tool C360 is examined. A case study of C360 follows including various important elements such as the program structure, and target market. This case study contains a SWOT analysis and an examination of its potential for innovation, competitive advantage and sustainability. A close competitor’s analysis including strategies and differentiation follows highlighting, Nike SPARQ. To conclude is a critical discussion of the barriers to innovation in the context of the organisations, IMG and Under Armour, relative to their size.

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